Risk Intelligence

We Assess Our Customers’ IT Security and Prove Value Immediately

Our Risk Intelligence scans for unsecured data across a network—even in persistent storage—and provides an estimated financial figure for an organization’s potential liability in the event of a data breach. This allows us to discover areas for security concern, prioritize important security fixes, and even show progress over time.

We Take your Security Very Seriously

  • Data scans: We identify at-risk data and file access vulnerabilities.
  • Financial assessment: We show the potential financial impact of a possible data breach so you can prioritize fixes.
  • Historical risk trends: We demonstrate the value of your security services by showing risk trends over time.
  • Layered security: We enhance your backup, patch management, and AV services with the addition of a Risk Intelligence scan.

Generate Risk-Related Project Work On-Demand

  • Risk prioritization: We present you with a comprehensive overview of your at-risk data and provide remediation services as needed.
    Easy searches: We quickly locate specific files or file types across your network, such as packages identified as a Trojan or another type of malicious payload.
    Provide better security: We identify and reduce the potential cost of your at-risk data and guide their efforts to obtain data insurance.