Remote Access

We solve Problems for Users via Lightning-Fast Remote Access

When users have technical issues that require our expert attention, our remote access tools enable us to get the job done quickly and easily. The remote control features in Cyber One Solutions Remote Monitoring & Management give us and you one-click access to any endpoint under management in as few as four seconds. And with the ability for our technicians to chat on the back end or pass sessions between team members, Remote Monitoring & Management makes it easy for our teams to collaborate to solve even the thorniest technical challenges.

We Provide Outstanding Customer Support

  • Rapid connections: We can quickly connect to any machine in your managed networks with one click.
  • Session transfers: We can transfer sessions to other technicians if you need to take a break, or if you need to pass the issue to someone with a different expertise.
  • Chat: We can open a live chat window with your users if questions arise while you fix their workstation.

We Fix Issues Behind the Scenes

  • File transfers: We can remotely upload files, including scripts, to users’ systems without disturbing them as they work.
  • Remote command line: We use the bash shell to solve issues from afar and even issue PowerShell® commands.
  • System preferences: We can open the system controls in the background to diagnose computer or network issues, review or kill processes, and more.

We Monitor Quality and Keep Your Environment Secure

  • User management: We assign our technicians to specific work sites or departments, and set up permissions to help ensure proper security.
  • Session recordings: We record all support sessions, so you can review later for quality control or troubleshooting.
  • Chat transcripts: We review historical chat transcripts broken down by end user or technician.