Keep your Valuables Safe

ByBrian Carrico

Keep your Valuables Safe

Greetings Customers and Followers.  I thought I’d personally share my recent experience with my Vehicle Theft in hopes that it reminds you just how vulnerable our data and personal belongings really are.  I recently took my family to the Main Event in Webster Texas for some evening bowling, laser tag and arcade games.  We arrived at 7 PM.  While we were inside, a group of thieves were breaking into my 2018 GMC Denali truck.  When we walked out at 11:00 PM, the truck was completely gone.

After discovering the truck was missing from the parking lot, we called the Dispatch at the Webster Police Department and OnStar. OnStar received a “tamper” alert at 7:58 PM and was immediately disconnected from OnStar’s system.  Completely off the radar of their network.  The officer listed the truck as stolen and we all took an Uber home.

Fast forward to yesterday…  Here’s the real WOW.  I received a call from Webster PD that Houston PD recovered my vehicle.  I immediately called my insurance claims adjuster which informed me that I would need to go out and sign a release on the Vehicle to them.  Take a look at what was left of the truck:

Before Pictures:

After Pictures:

Thankfully there were no credit cards, storage devices or any other sensitive information in the vehicle at the time it was stolen.  As a friendly reminder, always keep your credit cards, drivers license, passports, social security cards/numbers and other sensitive information safe.  If you travel with data, ensure it’s encrypted.  Thieves are out there and they can take your valuables in the blink of an eye.

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