In 2017, our Financial Client had fewer than 50 employees, and needed help with their basic IT environment and infrastructure, as well as user support. Cyber One Solutions came onboard as a buying service for equipment, managing sign-on security, and basic upkeep and support. As our Client’s growth took off, senior leadership realized that they “didn’t know what they didn’t know.”

Our Client also had trouble with their Data Redundancy and Security.


Once Cyber One Solutions established support, the baseline of trust and expertise created a platform for us to offer more options, consulting, and services. We serve as a reliable advisor who has helped our Client grow without requiring massive overhauls or coordination with new partners. IT support through Cyber One Solutions is tailored to a company’s specific size and business needs, and is scalable as necessary.

Our Client began working with a dedicated Cyber One Solutions virtual CIO (vCIO) to take a high-level, “quarterback” perspective on the acquisition as well as other IT strategies. Their CFO, meets regularly with our vCIO to review an ongoing list of projects and corresponding timelines. We have also assisted in evaluating other prospective acquisitions, provided expert opinions, coordinated the resolution of issues within the environment, and helped present information to investors and other stakeholders.

We began backing up our Client’s physical servers to the Cyber One Solutions colocation facility. This ensures that the extremely large amount of data generated by our Client is redundantly stored and able to be backed up in case of physical damage to any one site. Our Client’s vCIO also keeps them up-to-date on the latest compliance and data security methods to ensure this valuable resource remains safe from piracy and hacking.